I do Joomla

And I love it!


For the past years, Joomla! have been focusing on raising the standards on the technical side.

Unlike other systems, the code have been modernised, the security have been tightened and the system have become very flexible to use for developers.

There are still many great ideas to implement, but only so little time.


People often ask me, "What is this Joomla! and why do you use so much time on it?".

What would you say if you could work together with people from all around the world, across borders, religion and culture? Wouldn't that be cool?

That's exactly what Joomla! is about for me.


I have been part of the Joomla! community for more than 7 years now, helping with both trivial stuff like updating documentation, as well as the more exciting things, like contributing code, bugfixing and helping others understand the technical stuff.

I have been a comanager for the danish Joomladay for 4 years, and now help run our local Joomla usergroup as well.


Today, I develop Joomla! extensions and solutions for a living, through my own company, CGOnline. I focus on bigger projects that requires a level of quality.

If you need help with a Joomla! solution, or you need a custom extension, you are welcome to contact me